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Buying a short sale Home: It is beyond obvious to understand that the powers known as Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, and Bank of America have very powerful lobbyists. With that said; it’s also understandable to comprehend that Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, and Bank of America do not want ANYONE to understand that there is an […]

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Ma Finale Magnifique de Narcissisme Malfaisant de mes sandales

Originally I did the first few seminars with only a pair of flip flops for body temperature reasons when I speak or present. It’s a well known fact my body over heats and my blood pressure and energy go through the roof when I speak. It is no exaggeration that one of my LIVE events or presentations will have me falling over with an aneurism, stroke or heart attack… I treat my body like a circus with the training, supplements, eating good, eating bad and WAY too much coffee. Not to mention whatever abuse I did to my body prior to getting sober… I expect my body to just drop at some point.

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Short Sale Marketing | Real Estate Marketing

There are two types of marketing, interruptive and permission.
There is nothing more and nothing less. Interruptive is the form of marketing that most every agent on the planet uses and has the lowest possible results. It is also the reason why we all watch 2 TV channels at the same time, we hate ‘interruptive’ commercials. Basically anytime you try to insert yourself into someone’s life to offer a product or service without permission you are using interruptive marketing.

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