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Ma Finale Magnifique de Narcissisme Malfaisant de mes sandales

Originally I did the first few seminars with only a pair of flip flops for body temperature reasons when I speak or present. It’s a well known fact my body over heats and my blood pressure and energy go through the roof when I speak. It is no exaggeration that one of my LIVE events or presentations will have me falling over with an aneurism, stroke or heart attack… I treat my body like a circus with the training, supplements, eating good, eating bad and WAY too much coffee. Not to mention whatever abuse I did to my body prior to getting sober… I expect my body to just drop at some point.

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Live this Wednesday at 3pm, 5pm & 7pm… Its time for me to speak out! Listings, Scripting and Closing

Lee Honish WEBINAR: Marketing, Scripting & Closing short sales fasters This Wednesday 8/10/11 Its time to move in a new direction of technology, marketing and short sales, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I am having a webinar and not just one… they will be going off every few hours (the same subjects) to accommodate everyone […]

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Delusion, Desperation and Greed: How to understand today’s seller

I was also informed by a friend that this statement would also include MOST agents in the market today as well. We need to create three pipelines for the constant flow of real estate business. Most of you reading this right now have approximately 3-5 listings. The top of the crop have 10+ plus The […]

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