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Cage fighting, pro talking and flip flops

So ends the tale of two extreme events in the life of Lee Honish. The first being the amazing experience of being a cage fighter in the wonderful world of mixed martial arts and the other – a 3 day speaking engagement that caused the loss of my voice. So I trained for months to […]

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Lie Lie Lie!

Lie Lie Lie! So is it shocking to you that banks would lie? Didn’t your client tell an untruth or two for the first few months when they didn’t make the payments on their homes? I do not lie, it is my horrible weakness. No matter how far I’ve evolved, I shoot from the hip […]

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Deconstructing me: An inspirational tale of hope

My name is Lee Honish and I am the former head loss Mitigator for Indy Mac’s Heloc division… business owner (www.fastshortsale.org), professional speaker (www.theshortsalegenius.com), Mixed Martial Arts radio show host (www.mmabay.com) and a single father to the greatest person in my world, McKenzie Marie Honish… I want to grow, I want to change and I […]

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