Reconstructing me (and maybe you)

Reconstructing me

I am amused that the most popular pieces that I write are about me, melting and unmelting in front of your eyes via this blogs or videos I produce.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

At the very least I try to instill core values that will be helpful with your professional life. I am sitting in my Las Vegas office the weekend after the Christmas weekend, still “alive”. It’s not quite that fatal, however it was a rough period of time for me. By my own actions I was, by all description, alone this year. I simply don’t know what the holidays do and did for you… For me, I used it to reflect, adapt and grow.

Now just days away from the end of the year, I am interested in goal setting for the coming year. The reflection period has ended for me (probably, to the happiness of my friends who held my hand and dealt with me for the last week). This year will be very different in my life. It has been close to six months of “recovery” and growth. I am now a different man with different objectives and concepts to operate from. I pray twice daily for a mere one inch of hope to cling to, this is a remarkable feat for me. I manufacture and force almost every situation in my life… In other words, I generally get what I want! This year, I am just going to let it happen. This is all “hope” based for me, because it’s ground I have not trudged happily, if it all (yet another AA reference).

Personal objectives are very simple for me, I love who I am today. I have regained trust in people that I didn’t think would EVER give it back to me. I strive to be a better father and far more present in my daughter’s life. Those that are gone from my life are gone… I am not happy about it, but I have accepted it. I have had a glimpse of real love, connections and depth with people in my life… This is what I want and this is what I will work for daily to keep. This is what I hope for.

Business objectives have not changed! As, some would say, ‘arrogantly’ stated… I truly feel that I am the best possible cure for the short sale market. I cannot shake the feeling that I am the cause for the loss of hope out of real estate professionals throughout the US. That in some way I had a greater impact on lives on those who would try to help homeowners. I didn’t respect the position, I do today. I hope that the lives of the people I touch will inspire them to NEVER settle and to inspire them ALWAYS to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them. I will personally train every agent in the US who wants to learn about short sales and helping people avoid foreclosure. I will mitigate (negotiate) files for any agent who find the process to difficult. I’ll even get investors back into the short sale market. I’ll let them have the bank’s equity spread… Because as much as I toy with the concept of working for a bank again, their sheer greed is ridiculous.


Lastly, the thing I preach to all I coach, I will gain a life. What I have is not even remotely cohesive and uniform to anything that resembles a stable life. A home, family and children aren’t a dream… It will be a reality and it will come, as long as I don’t manufacture it. To all I’ve coached or people who’ve read these blogs, please know that many of you have dodged a bullet by not destroying your personal families and lives with your “workaholic” behaviors, you all have something that I want very much… I envy you all.
Reflect and review your world, here is my list (be honest with yourself when answering these questions):

Was it all worth it (work, life, family, etc)?

Did you settle too soon before the next sunrise?

Should work really be as hard as you are making it?

Should you really try to make things work, that you know full well are dead?

Are you holding on to ideas that kill your soul and fry your mind?

At what cost do you have what you have… How much of “you” was lost in the balance?

Can a size 12 foot fit into a size 10 shoe?

Have you told those you love, that you do love them and you cannot imagine the world without them?

Did you know…life really is short?

Have you ever gone all the way in emotionally and mentally and just let go and enjoy the ride?

Have you ever listened to music that makes you emotional or are you just afraid to feel?

Why are you a workaholic, what feelings are you avoiding?

Do you think working short sales resembles a tire spinning in the mud with no progress?

Why can’t you make the impossible happen in your life and the lives around you?

Do you finish every conversation on the phone with people you love with “I love you”?

Who did you hug (or kiss) today?

Have you really tried to be nice to a bank negotiator, or are you just so jaded that you are getting off on beating them up?

When was your last vacation?

When was the last time you said thank you for your life and what you had?

Per the ‘old’ Lee (the bull god, thick headed and arrogant side of me):

“Seriously be grateful! No matter how bad you think it is, you can change anything you want in your life. It isn’t until you lose everyone and everything that you are out of the game and I have done it… a few times! It’s a new damn year, pull your head out of your ass and don’t waste your life and never ever settle! If you do, you should be ashamed.”

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  1. Tania

    Hi Lee! I’m very encouraged by short sales and hope to have great stories of success for you this year. There couldn’t have been a brighter spot in 2010 and beyond than learning how to do deals with banks.

    On another note, if memory serves me well, AA teaches a belief in God “as you understand it.” This seems to me very unhelpful for a few reasons: a.) It promotes the relativistic idea that the knowledge of God is a subjectively truth instead of objective one. I.E., “God” is a psychological trick we can play to make ourselves feel better. b.) A pragmatic, psychological trick like this doesn’t work. Immunity from proof is self-defeating. If a religion is accepted just to meet an emotional need then we’ll never be able to shake the unnerving sense that it is nothing more than a projection of the mind. The heart cannot accept what the mind rejects. c.) Therefore, it will never have the power to change anyone – to overcome our guilt, fear, compulsions, dysfunctions, addictions, and emotional wounds. The only God who can change us is the God who is greater than our hearts. Paradoxically, what humans need most is a God that is not the product of their own need. One we couldn’t invent.

    If my memory is incorrect about AA’s teaching of God, please disregard the second paragraph 🙂

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