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“Named An Innovative Marketer in America”

ADVOCATE, Author, Real Estate Consultant and FORMER Head Loss Mitigator: IndyMac Bank with 22+ years Asset Management & Real Estate background

  • 1988 Invescor Inc. Reo Asset Management company for Beneficial of California, Asset Manager
  • 1993 GMAC/Homecomings, Asset Manager
  • 1997 Henry Nunez Real Estate Company, Developer & Realtor
  • 2001 IndyMac Inc., Asset Manager: Home construction lending & Head Loss Mitigator: HELOC
  • 2007 Short Sale Genius LLC, Speaker/Trainer
  • 2010 Lee Honish LLC, Advocate, Author & Consultant
  • 2010 Certified Default Advocacy Training, Founder
  • 2010 Creator & Coach MONSTER Marketing System for new real estate listings (Lee Honish LLC)

For the past eight years Lee Honish has conducted more than 1,000 seminars, training over 100 thousand agents.

His Message: How do I help you find MORE LISTINGS & MORE DEALS? for #Realtors & #Investors

Over the past 5  years Lee has developed cutting edge marketing and has created the ONLY ACTUAL GUARANTEED MARKETING SYSTEM FOR GETTING NEW LISTINGS & NEW DEALS

NOW WITH OVER 1,000,000 web views (and growing)…

“There is always the next new way to market AND I will find that method as well…”

  • 50% of Lee’s coaching students are TOP 10% Producers or Better in their State
  • 35% of Lee’s coaching students are TOP 10% Producers in the US
  • 10% of Lee’s coaching students are TOP 5% Producers
  • 90% of Lee’s coaching students have gotten face to face appointments with homeowners in their first week of using the MONSTER
  • The MONSTER Marketing & MONSTER System have OVER A HALF BILLION dollars in real estate transactions.


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