Ma Finale Magnifique de Narcissisme Malfaisant de mes sandales

Isn’t the world wide web awesome? Who would have thought you could put a spin on a story about flip flops and being called a narcissist and that it would make such a pretty title in French?

So, being one to explain marketing mystiques and gimmicks, I would like to explain the REAL story of my flip flops. This might seem like a ‘fluff’ piece in the world, but its actually a valuable marketing lesson that I have had to learn the hard way.

Originally I did the first few seminars with only a pair of flip flops for body temperature reasons when I speak or present. It’s a well known fact my body over heats and my blood pressure and energy go through the roof when I speak. It is no exaggeration that one of my LIVE events or presentations will have me falling over with an aneurism, stroke or heart attack… I treat my body like a circus with the training, supplements, eating good, eating bad and WAY too much coffee.  Not to mention whatever abuse I did to my body prior to getting sober… I expect my body to just drop at some point.

Then people naturally assumed I wore flip flops to show off MCK’s (McKenzie) handy work of picking out the MOST embarrassing colors, designs, gem placements and SPARKLE she can get on my toe every few weeks. While, I love showing the toe off to the moms of the world, the homophobic general public has been more of an issue than I can mention. I am actually shocked at how many people are VERY homophobic and that somehow having a painted toe demonstrates my ‘gay pride’. I wanted to write these words in BOLD font, or all caps and or italics: I am not gay, I think men are gross and I think I am gross. If I was a woman, I would date other women.  It is really all about my favorite blonde mop of hair.

Then there were a few comments based on my blog that thought I had become a Birkenstock wearing tree hugging hippy. I actually hate the occupy wall street freeloaders, sorry. It’s insulting to everyone who has to work for the ‘man’ to see people who have NO JOB explain that you don’t need a job. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Maybe I wear flip flops because that’s what bad-ass cage fighters do and since I am not a bad ass cage fighter, more like, I have been in the cage and have been punched… I am just trying to emulate those I admire

It does not matter which of these you tend to believe about my flip flop wearing escapades (I would pick the body temperature story).

The truth is, it’s a gimmick that gets people to stop and ask.

As I have said all weekend, good gimmick with good material is a recipe for success. EVERYONE needs some kind of gimmick to get  ‘butts in the seats’ to start creating a connection with your clients.

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