Living without Limits: How to get one listing per day


I live by a certain set of rules that up until today I had forgotten.

Good bad or indifferent, I am a flip-flop wearing, pro-talking-rock star.

Now the naysayers out there might deem this a bit narcissistic and probably arrogant, I would like to review my resume for the last 4 years: I have trained over 50,000 real estate professionals coast to coast and have changed the lives of so many, even I started to think it unthinkable!

I can doubt even myself and get sucked into the same thing that is making you all fail but you need to live by two very real daily rituals of being a rock star!

Rule 1: You must be 100% honest with everyone and everything.

“But Lee, I am honest!”

No, you are not! Those of you that are having multiple issues in various phases of your business and personal lives are attracting negative energy and it’s a fracture so deep that you can’t see ANYTHING positive in your life. If you were honest, you would tell yourself that YOU ARE focusing on failing and not succeeding. It isn’t the bills, the banks, the buyers, the sellers, the broker, your family and or your spouse. It’s you not being honest and not loving yourself!

Like attracts like…it is the law of physics.

If you actually put your effort into a daily ritual of marketing and getting listings and BELIEVING you can get that listing every single day, I guarantee you would get a listing a day.

Rule 2: Be a rock star! If you focus on the negative and forget who and what you are, you will once again fail. I have been accused of focusing on the ‘wound’ and picking at it. I do it to many and it is something I am very good at. However, I can do it to myself the best. I know me better than anyone else knows me. I love me and I love being a rock star and 99% of the time I don’t give a flying crap what anyone else thinks about me. It’s the 1% of the time I forget who I am and start listening to my inner voices or focusing on the negative things people say about me. For every 10 positive emails I get about changing someone’s life and direction, I get one that makes me insane and I focus in on it. The simple explanation is focus on good and not on the bad.

Rule 3: The past is the past. Talk about a negative moment waiting to happen. Yesterday is dead and gone. Tomorrow is different and new. If you want the AA program 101: Do something different for just one day and you will ALWAYS see results.

The bottom line for the coming year, month or day…

It’s all mindset, I can give you the most amazing marketing and conversion information in the world created by the most amazing minds (including my own) and it will NEVER matter if you believe you will fail. I know some of you more pragmatic readers are thinking this is a completely HORSE-CRAP moment that has no bearing. I wish to remind you, that your HORSE-CRAP moment is why you are having this issue.

Try something simple; maybe being positive, focused and actuating is a bit too much…

Watch a movie that will make you laugh before you go to bed tonight, tomorrow will be better…

Baby steps for some…

For others, journal, track, actuate and move into “Now” as Tony would say and you do not need hot coals to do it.

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  1. Gloria kirk

    Thank You Lee,You are abosultly right, this is the letter I needed to start fresh this morning! Thank you!

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