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Lee Honish | Real Estate Market | Marketing #HonishReport

Lee Honish | Real Estate Market | Marketing #HonishReport



Robert Fragoso has been exposed to real estate investing from an early age. Having grown up in Hollywood, CA his exposure to the urban lifestyle came at an early age. Growing up with his parents in their self managed apartment building gave him early experience into the real life working scenario’s regarding owning real estate.

At the age of 17 a chance meeting introduced him to an experienced real estate investor which mentored him. Within the first 30 days, Robert started finding opportunities for him to purchase. Shortly thereafter, Robert expanded his network of investors and met one which allowed him to begin flipping his own properties. Due to market conditions, Robert found opportunity in apartment buildings caused by the exit of aerospace and the closing of military bases in California which had created a high vacancy rate. Understanding this was a temporary problem, Robert raised funds and started syndicating apartment buildings in the Long Beach area.

In 1996 the opportunity arose to assist many families purchase homes at far below market value and help charities in the process. Robert participated in the helping Non-Profit Organization’s raise capital and complete the necessary repairs through his construction company. It was here that Robert began to expand his network and realized the value of networking.

It was through networking that he met several more investors which propelled him into the lending world. Specifically lending money to non-profit organizations with missions of revitalizing the battered South Central Los Angeles which had been heavily damaged by riots. It is this basis which helped form the basis for Robert to meet his future partners at Anchor Loans.

Robert assisted in building Anchor Loans for 17 years and served as the Executive Vice President. Anchor Loans now funds over 1 billions dollars in loans to investors that fix and flip properties throughout multiple states in the country.

Now, with over 28 of years experience on both sides of a real estate transaction, his ability to identify untapped opportunities, combined with his expertise in maximizing the potential value in properties, remains fundamental in fostering continued success. Today, after exiting from Anchor Loans in 2014 he continues to embody a true love of the real estate business, embracing new techniques and creating win-win opportunities as well as assisting others tap into opportunities they could not otherwise find without his expertise.

It is because of his love of the industry that Robert is now partnering with agents wanting to flip properties and other flip investors capture more of the opportunities they come across.

With experience in construction, syndicating apartment buildings, business development, networking, fixing and flipping homes, purchasing at trustee sale and spending 17 years of his career helping to build Anchor Loans as the lead originator for the company, Robert has helped 100’s of investors expand their business and increase their yields through real estate investments.

Robert’s experience has given him a unique outlook which crosses many boundaries as he has seen and participated in over 10,000 transactions flip transactions helping those who know him tap into the vast experience only available to a few people in the country.

Today, Robert is seeking new ways to communicate and help others as well as he continues to flip properties.

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