Door knocking scripts

To be honest, many of my guest still like this approach…

Me, I use the MONSTER, I have a bias, it works!

However for those who want the door knocking 411, save your money

HERE IT IS (cobbled from the web):

Be prepared and have this dialogue memorized:

“Hi. I hope you can help me. Are you the owner of this property? (yes/no – if not, find out when the owner is home and come back another time, don’t introduce yourself too early)

“Hi, my name is with XYZ Realty. Are you Mr./Mrs. Soandso?” – (use their name but always clarify, to make sure that is their name and you use it correctly)

“I hope you can help me. One of your neighbors up the street, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, just listed their house for sale. I am their listing agent (or “our office is in charge of the listing” if you aren’t the listing agent) and I want to know as much as possible about that property and this neighborhood. Could you please give me a few minutes of your time and tell me what you like the most about this area(use specific neighborhood name)? I don’t live here, so your opinion will be very helpful.”

The key to success is to be humble and human. Don’t even think about starting the conversation with the usual real estate prospecting question, “do you plan to make a move now or in the near future?” This will quite often offend people. You want to make a favorable impression.

A similar approach can be used to prospect around sold listings.

“I hope you can help me. As you probably noticed, you neighbors up the street had their house on the market. The problem is that it just sold a couple of days ago, and I’m working with a couple of buyers who are interested in buying a property in this neighborhood. Do you know someone who is thinking about making a move now or in the near future?”


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