Deconstructing me: An inspirational tale of hope

My name is Lee Honish and I am the former head loss Mitigator for Indy Mac’s Heloc division… business owner (, professional speaker (, Mixed Martial Arts radio show host ( and a single father to the greatest person in my world, McKenzie Marie Honish…

I want to grow, I want to change and I want to excel. To do that I need to outline objectives and goals; this is slightly above my position and place. For me it’s simple. Be a better person with communication skills, more patience, better listening and way less thinking. That covers the connection end of the scale for future relationships. I want to help everyone and teach them what I know so they can better achieve their goals in real estate. That covers business owner and speaker. I wish to be more present and appreciate the small seconds with anyone I love and this will make me a father. In fact I’d like another child too… That’s going to require a partner, but I aspire for a GREAT finish on my next relationship.
Why am I expressing myself way too personally (again)? Simple, can I inspire you to greatness in your own life?

What do you want and what do you want to achieve? Lay it out and execute!

I can justify myself, but I’m just not coming through!

So I gut myself and look for any distraction to ease the pain of all the stupid things I do. I drive myself harder than anyone else I know. Oh, sure I am dictated by others actions, needs and wants. However, the ability to get out of bed and push when I feel like giving up is always present. Drive is one of the hardest things to express. In my new seminar, I wanted to inspire. If I somehow taught short sales in the balance, then I’m ahead of the game.
We too often give up before the comeback and maybe I don’t know when to cut bait and run with anything in my life. Maybe I don’t define good boundaries for myself to operate within; then again I don’t know too many people who set good boundaries. Life is too short to regret and settle.

The greatest moment is tomorrow and I am probably writing this to remind myself, that maybe tomorrow is hopeful and better than today. Otherwise what is the point of driving and pushing forward?

Maybe I wrote this blog to remind myself of what I wanted.

Maybe I wrote this blog to make you identify the important things in life.

And maybe you took pause for one second and remembered not settle and to want better for yourself and those you love.

This past week I nearly fired someone from one of my coaching programs, because they failed to see the bigger picture. I know for a fact that Lee Honish, the coach, can make anyone successful and more money in short sales. I had no issue to fire this agent except for a simple reason – she was forsaking her husband and family in the pursuit of money and work. They had made 60k extra last year in that pursuit and the question I had was simple – was the 60k worth losing your husband and family? The answer was no and thank goodness because I’m not sure what my response would have been if she had said otherwise. It caused me to stop and pause for one second. I am, at the end of the day a hopeless romantic and would be husband and father who wants a whole family, too.

This Christmas will be the first time it is not spent with my daughter. I will in fact, probably spend it alone and reflect on the past year. I’m doing this by choice. It’s not a pity party waiting to create, but imagine the questions at friends and family “How is your daughter?” It will inevitably cause me to think to hard and hurt. It’s ok to feel sad and down but what is going to force me to make the next move and move up and achieve the next point in my personal evolution next year?

Perhaps I’ll shut it all down for the year and go to Hawaii… who knows, tomorrow is still full of hope and possibility in a time and market that is bleak with unemployment, foreclosures and the unthinkable that there are those who can’t even feed their families. I am very thankful for my friends that survived a very tumultuous year with me and I am sad for the losses of people in my life that enriched me and drove me to be a better human.

Just believe this one statement, be thankful for what you have, even if it is small and tiny. Pray if you pray or just throw a positive thought into the universe, because somebody somewhere has less than you do at that moment.

I also fundamentally believe in the ability for the impossible to happen in my life tomorrow and that I can make the impossible happen in someone’s life too.

At the end of the day, be thankful, do not regret and do not settle…

Be great next year and inspire someone as I’ve tried with you all. I really do not know beyond next year how much longer I wish to speak. I want a stable home and home life next year and be present for my current friends and family and possibly future friends and family.

Be great, just for today and possibly tomorrow.

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  1. Lesa

    Lee, thank you so much for this…it was huge in my life. I really appreciate you!

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