Nothing better than being able to comprehend and relate to competitors when it comes to me. There is something shockingly ironic about understanding when someone, something, and or some organization is a royal pain in the rear end!

Hence to my point, Mike Cuevas had a conversation with me this week about EVERYONE else in this business and how he had been burned by so many in this business world and there was nothing but agreement from me.

Harry Houdini had MANY Houdini impersonators and even today we see it with ‘name offs’ that it is part of the common market place.

“But Lee, isn’t your CDAT just a clever take on four letter designations, making you a sell out? YOU SAID you would never create a four letter designation.”

You are correct on the statement and incorrect on the spin of others.

My goal was just to get the word advocate into play for real estate agents and for them to understand their rolls as counselors to people in a defaulted position. A homeowner becomes defaulted at 31 days at 5PM and from there its either a transfer of title or cure of the default.

HENCE, Default Advocate.

The word Certified is common in this business and a keyword that agents respond to for marketing and training purposes and the word Training defines what it is.

My logo does not look like any others, I have not created an educational organization to support the name, and the credit of others who have helped create it are ALWAYS given at my seminars. The funny part and ironic part to all of that is some of the negative critiques of my speaking style and educational style are what have helped form the foundations of the CDAT ideals. That is the reason my presentations do not include the names of the people who have ‘hurt my feelings’ and pushed me into directions of growth… Not exactly sure they ALL know how devastated I became by their words.

Turning the page and trying to grow as a presenter and human being is part of what my presentation includes on a daily basis, therefore my position and daily operating procedure needs to be the same in order to coach the same.

Being the genuine article is all there is!

So was there any surprise on my part to discover a slew of advocacy programs and even some by people that, not only do I know, they wouldn’t be in this line of work were it not because of me. YES! Surprise isn’t the word, shock and awe gets into the ballpark…

With my newfound ‘peace and love’ zen-like-hippe-vibe, it definitely pushed the limits and may have caused some irrational hate emails on my part.

Progress NOT Perfection!

Why it was just last year when someone who I not only knew, was FLAT OUT moved forward in this business, actually held a webinar announcing (I kid you not)”Former head loss mitigator for IndyMac Bank” as a special guest speaker on a webinar…

I was not speaking on that webinar and I am not sure who played my roll or if they even were a former IndyMac employee.

Will other programs and trainers — USE people I have personally trained for their own benefit and growth of their company AND even claim credit for that person’s growth… YES!

Will people use my name for tags on search engines… YES!

Will people even use the word MITIGATOR, a simple word that I really made up… YES!

Do I care… YES!

Deeply and profoundly actually, no matter the level of my growth and human development, when you create original material and points of view and someone to just MARKET it better and claim it as their own is painful. When it’s done by people you have helped, for me, it’s psychologically devastating because in my personal life, I am not very close with many people. While my writing and my speaking is very honest about my day to day life and my whole FIGHT internally is to avoid reverting back to being an asset manager and NOT FEEL and/or TRUST ANYBODY…

Every day is a good day, these days I feel all the feelings there are (that was a very aahhh moment). The trick is to avoid anger and rage for things that hurt us and just avoid the fight and the confrontation. It will happen when another agent kills a deal for you, it will happen when a bank kills a deal, it will happen when a broker does NOT support you and it will happen in your day to day personal lives as well…

Sometimes STUFF just happens!

It is what it is!

***As a personal note for anyone reading this who is ONE of those people that thinks I have somehow magically gone completely soft and this blog is somehow an opus outlining an  “I don’t care” attitude… know this; if for some reason my Zen like euphoria ends, my personal working knowledge of how YOU ALL operate YOUR business is completely tucked away in the small part of my brain and it will become a scathing white report outline (including their names) on how you do your business and I won’t send it to the department of real estate or the national organizations… The dirt will be dished to the three CEOs of Chase, Wells and Bank of America (if they are still in business). Personally with a family full of attorneys (and their friends being attorneys), Cease and desist orders are petty and pointless and only make attorneys money. However, my state is ZEN J and I wish upon all of you: Hope, Health, wealth and love; it is my mantra!

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